What Experts Are Saying About Content Marketing

Content Marketing plays a vital role in Digital Marketing.

You can not succeed in the digital marketing field, leaving the content behind. Because we all know, “Content is the King.”

It is not rocket science but not that easy as well. From the keyword ‘Content Marketing’ you can understand that it’s a marketing of the content.

First of all, we need to understand what exactly it means & how it can be beneficial to the business.

Here we go.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategic approach focused on creating & distributing relevant, valuable & consistent content to attract a target audience.

In simple words, content marketing is also known as inbound marketing, but the main agenda is to create relevant content & share the content that engages and attracts a target audience which encourages them to take action. It may be like, comment, share, or purchase.

Understanding Content Marketing

The relationship between consumer & business has changed rapidly. Nobody purchases any product quickly by watching a billboard or pamphlet. Due to the growth of the world wide web, social media platforms people research before investing their money about that product on Google, compare it with similar products, read reviews & then go for it.

Even you & I do the same. Isn’t it?

You need to earn the trust of customers and influence them to buy your products. This is where content marketing plays a vital role moreover; it helps businesses to drive traffic or say attract potential customers towards the product by highlighting the key features.

Through content marketing, you are providing truly relevant and significant information to your audience.

Your content can be in any form. It can be a blog, article, image, video, infographics, etc.

Content Marketing Strategy

Before creating a strategy for your business, you need to have a goal set & that’s the fundamentals of content marketing strategy.

  • You understand your customers.
  • What are you trying to achieve with your content?
  • Media glance.

Understanding your Customers

For any business, customers are everything. So identifying your audience is the prominent part but apart of that, the big deal is to find what exactly a customer want. To understand your customers, you need to start thinking like a customer.

Once you understand your consumer’s requirements, it will be easy for you to cater to those requirements.

While creating a content marketing strategy finding the need of your customer is everything. But how to do it?

  • List your primary customers.
  • Collect information about your customers.
  • Identify the behavior of your customers.

Feedbacks are always important. You should know how exactly your products are running in the market. Conduct a survey of customers visiting your website or using your product. On top of that, get to know the questions your customers are asking.

What are you trying to achieve with your content?

Content marketing is all about:

3W's - Who?, What? & Why?

3W’s – Who? What? & Why?

The 3 W’s:

  • For whom you are creating content? – Who are your Customers?
  • What are you writing? – What do you want your content to achieve?
  • & the last Why are you creating content?

Who are your Customers?

The people who are visiting your website or looking for relevant information on any particular keyword are your customers. Understanding your customer is an essential part, but the bottom line is to understand what type of content your customers will like and what best & unique content you can provide.

What do you want your content to achieve?

Obviously, traffic isn’t it!

This question, you need to ask yourself.

How can you help your audience through your content? Will their search end on your content? You need to define & understand how useful your content is.

Why are you creating content?

Ain’t it so easy to answer, to drive traffic to develop business. The goal should be pre-defined.

Why do you need to create specific content? Is your content relevant & matches your business? What do you need to accomplish through your content?

These questions need to be answered.

Media Glance

Media Glance is referred to as social media platforms. Social Media is a vast platform you determine to market your content.

This is an essential part of your social media strategy because it’s the source where you implement & the various platforms also determine the type of content you need to create.

For instance, if the channel is Facebook, your content can be in the form of an image, video, links, or status. If it’s a blog, it can be an article, product announcement, PDF’s, and much more.

First of all, you need to understand which platform is helpful and what sort of content will be best for that. The information about your customers also helps to decide the social media platform.

Suppose if your platform is a blog, then your objective should be to get more subscribers to your blog, the same goes for YouTube. Different platforms are different from the content.

Content Marketing – Challenges

Developing a content marketing strategy for your business is not at all easy. You need to accurately identify your target customers and their requirements & also try to understand their problem. You have to define your media channel & create a relevant editorial campaign.

Always make sure that your content is relevant to the customer requirement without deceiving them. Do more of the market research and don’t assume that you know everything, like what exactly your customer wants.

The three significant challenges which you may experience are

  • Creating engaging content
  • Budget to create the content
  • Creating enough content

So what is the way to cater these three challenges?

Nothing but Research!

  • Find out what your competitors are doing.
  • Feedback from customers.
  • Check your traffic data source.
  • Email campaigns.

In the content marketing field, if you wish to be the best, then you need to think extraordinary. Be it a small scale, medium, or large scale industry everyone is diving into it.

It’s damn right, and you can’t think about Digital Marketing without Content Marketing.


  • First of all, understand what content marketing is.
  • Always have a content marketing strategy; Understanding your customers, What are you trying to achieve with your content? And Media glance.
  • Content marketing is all about Who, What & Why?
  • Be ready for challenges while creating content.
  • Always do competitor research.

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