How to Write a Great Blog Article

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If you have just started your new blog and considering how to write a blog article, then you are not alone.

Well, most of us face the same problem and we struggle to give a start.

There is no such rule to write a good article but before writing, you need to do some brainstorming. In the beginning, you need to know why do you want to write any post?

To solve a problem, right? Whatever the audience is searching for you need to create relevant content.

Next thing comes in your mind is what is content?

Content basically includes what you see on any particular website. It consists of text, images and links (internal & external).

We have always heard that “Content is the King“. But why?

Why Content is King

Why Content is King

What do people find in your article/post? Why do people read your article/post?

It’s simple, to get information, which is easy to understand, engaging and the most important it should be “unique“.

No one wants to read a 1000 word letter or an essay. It should be a “You” & “I” conversation within your articles because the readers must feel involved & connected.

How to Write a Great Blog Article?

It’s not rocket science, however, content strategy is divided into two parts.

  • Readability.
  • HTML Tagging.

Readability and HTML tagging keep a good SEO score of the article.

But before that, you need to follow three basic things.

  • Start discussing a problem.
  • What is the solution to the problem?
  • Your way to the solution.



1 Transition Words

Transition Words are connecting words like ‘because’, ‘so’, ‘and’, ‘certainly’ & therefore. These words combine two sentences or phrases. It should be more than 30%.

2 Flesch Reading Ease

It checks to assess the content whether it’s easy to read or not because you may never know how a young or old person is reading your article. It may be a 10-year kid or a 65-year-old person.

3 Passive Voice

Passive voice basically makes an unclear message so it should be less than 10%.
Here’s an example:
Active: “The hunter killed the tiger”.
Passive: “The tiger was killed by the hunter”.
Try to write an article/post in Active Voice because it will make your writing stronger.

4 Consecutive Sentences

Three or more sentences should not start from the same word including Headings & Paragraph.

5 Subheading Distribution

You should use at least 2 or 3 subheadings in an article/post because subheadings improve the readability of the text composing h1, h2, …., h6.

6 Paragraph Length

Keep the paragraph length under 150 words because long paragraph tends to be difficult to read & less attractive.

7 Sentence Length

A sentence should not be longer than 20 words. It should not exceed than 25%.

So, these are the seven principles which you need to make sure are accurate in terms of Readability, however, the Content Management System indicates you about it. These factors make the content easy and attractive to read.


HTML Tagging

1 SEO Title Length

SEO title would be the first thing visitors see on the Search Engines that is why it should be eye-catching and meaningful which helps to drive visitors on your website.

It can be different from the title of the post or page. you can also add focus keyphrase in your SEO title but make sure it should not be too long or too small.

2 Internal Linking

An internal link is a link from one page of your website to another page.  A page or a post must be linked & should be similar to the topic, always consider which page or post would be best to link.

3 Outbound Link

Outbound links are the links from your website to another website. The Yoast SEO keeps a check on your page. Outbound links are done to connect the websites, to be found by other search engines and users.

4 Meta Description

The meta description is a short text which you need to add on your page or post. A good meta description describes the best what your page or post is about & triggers people to visit your website.

The meta description field is in the Snippet editor of Yoast SEO. It should be less than 156 characters and more than 120 characters.

5 Keyphrase Length

The Keyphrase length assessment checks whether the focus keyphrase has been used & whether it’s not too small or not too long in the post. Without a focus keyphrase, Yoast SEO cannot calculate the SEO score of the post or the page.

6  Image Alt Attributes

Images improve the post or the page & article becomes more attractive with images. Always use the key phrase in the alt tags & images are important for SEO but make sure the image is in perfect shape.

Place the Image accordingly near the preferred text & all the images must be well optimized.

These are the few simple steps which help you to write a great blog article.


Let’s Wrap It Up

  • If you write a blog piece, always make sure that readability & HTML tag is marked green. Your content should be new and relevant to the searched keyword.
  • It should always be a conversation (You & I) so you can allow the reader to interact.
  • Your blog article should be informative and attractive.


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