How To Get Swipe Up Feature On Instagram

The Instagramswipe up” feature… who doesn’t want it?

In earlier days, if you were had to share any link say it – your YouTube channel, blog or any landing page, you just had one option that is to type the link in your bio.

But, with the addition of the story section on Instagram, users spend much more time compared to other social media platforms.

Later on, Instagram also added the “swipe up” feature and it became more easy for individuals or brands to direct the users to their YouTube channel, blog or any landing page.

You are lucky if you have more than 10K followers on Instagram or your account is verified.

However, a lot of Instagram users don’t have the swipe up feature.

Today, most of the Instagram users want the swipe-up feature on their Instagram account.

If you are a popular individual or a brand you can certainly ask Instagram for verification.

You can get a blue check if you are verified.

But if you are not well known, then what?

You might want to buy followers.

Well, you really don’t need to buy followers.


Here’s the cut.

Instagram Swipe Up Feature

  1. Switch your account from private to business.
  2. Create an IGTV account.
  3. Record a minimum of 15-second video or you can use pictures.
  4. Write a catchy title. and in description use the link of your YouTube channel, blog or landing page and post the video.

    Instagram Swipe Up

    Instagram Swipe Up

  5. Copy the link.

    Instagram Swipe Up

    Instagram Swipe Up

  6. Go to your Instagram account and create a story.

    Instagram Swipe Up

    Instagram Swipe Up

  7. Then you will see a link option on the top, tap the link and add your IGTV video.

    Instagram Swipe Up

    Instagram Swipe Up


Things to keep in mind:

  • IGTV accepts a video of a minimum of 15 seconds.
  • You won’t actually get a swipe up symbol as the verified accounts and followers above 10K actually get.
  • Instead of swipe up, there will be an option to watch the video but you can actually swipe up.

    Instagram Swipe Up

    Instagram Swipe Up


Let’s Wrap Up:

With your IGTV you can get the Instagram swipe up feature without getting 10K followers or verified account.

So, now you do not need to worry about even buying followers.

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