Welcome Digital Nomads!


The blog DIGITALTHEGAP Let’s Digital the Gap is all about the study, knowledge and the experience I came across in Digital Marketing.

I am Shobhit Raj, a learning blogger and a Digital Nomad, wherein I will be sharing all the knowledge I have in Blogging and Digital Marketing field.

I came across Digital Marketing in 2014, it was a new and interesting field. Eventually, I studied and researched a lot about Digital Marketing, what exactly it is? I read several blogs, watched YouTube videos.

I started my first blog in 2015 on Blogspot, wherein I used to write the pros & cons, a review on the latest gadgets (like cell phones, laptop, OS) launched in the market. 

In 2017 I moved on WordPress wherein I bought a Domain & Hosting. The blog was named as WeTechwizz, I started on the same niche but unfortunately could not work on that & it ended. 

I chose the same category due to the interest and ease. But now in DIGITALTHEGAP, you will find several topics related to Digital Marketing, Blogging & Technology. 

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